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In the United Kingdom all telephone numbers are administered by The Office of Communications. This official governmental body establishes and enforces the conditions that must be abided by all telecommunication providers. It also monitors compliance with UK rules and regulations.

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Collecting demographic and population information dates back to the ancient times. Greek, Roman and Chinese civilisations have been working on ways to effectively track population changes and even the greatest thinkers of all time, including Cicero, Hippocrates and Plato have expressed their enlightened views on the subject.

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We often assume that everything can be found on the Internet. However, some searches require more effort than others. When it comes to postal codes, there are approximately 1.8 million live postcodes in the United Kingdom, covering 30 million addresses. answers all your queries about Canadian businesses right away aims to provide its users with comprehensive datasets concerning companies operating in various business sectors all around Canada, from Vancouver to Alert. Thanks to this innovative platform, gathering information about businesses has never been so simple.

New Data Aggregation Platform at Datastical

Businesses cannot take a step forward without relying on solid data. That's why everyone from marketers and entrepreneurs to analysts and researchers employed at all kinds of organizations of all sizes needs access to updates and well-organized data. While online databases are a great help, they are often complicated and not user-friendly. It's not only difficult to find the information one needs but also to understand its meaning due to bad and incoherent presentation.

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Entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners who wanted to learn more about a local market had no choice but to rely on data provided by companies specializing in this type of analysis, or the incredibly complex public databases. brings a new quality to the online directory scene by offering plenty of company data presented on a simple, user-friendly interface. - a business directory taken to the next level

On, a few clicks are just enough to gain access to full company profiles featuring essential business information. Users can then asses a particular company, or analyze a town or region in the state of New York in terms of its business activity.

When Do They Open and When Do They Close? UpHours Knows it All

Technically, a user can find anything on the internet. The only problem with finding certain pieces of information is that it can become a time consuming process, and the user may not have forever to sift through mounds of irrelevant information to find the answer that they’re looking for.

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It's easy to see that the internet today offers tons of information about literally every single topic. Still, practical information falls into a market gap. Users who would like to quickly learn about providers, shops and services located in their vicinity can either struggle with the multitude of data offered by search engines or be at the mercy of online directories. These are often extremely hard to navigate and feature outdated or fragmentary data.

Australian business data now within consumer reach at AuBiz

Consumers are used to having full access to publicly-available information. And even though business data is usually easy to find, in most cases it's stored in complex and unfriendly databases that make finding information really hard. Fortunately, this new business directory takes the database scene a step further towards high usability and excellent user experience.

Opening Times of UK Stores and Businesses Are Now Within Your Reach on Timeo

Despite the fact that the web permeates literally every aspect of our daily lives, there's still a considerable gap between the non-virtual reality and web content, with the latter trying to desperately keep up with the rapid development of our urban infrastructure. Fortunately, there's – a brand new portal, which successful bridges this gap and brings its users tons of key information about brick-and-mortar shops located in the UK.

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It's safe to say that access to previously exclusive company data is today easier than ever. Economists, journalists, researchers, shareholders and job seekers can quickly check key data on businesses that interest them, as well as conduct a statistical analysis based on organizational information for a specific geographic area or industry.

bank branches Materminds Launch The Ultimate Bank Branch Locator -

Many people do not realize that bank opening times differ from branch to branch, and from city to city. With that in mind, the masterminds behind in cooperation with their software engineers and web designers have come up with a quality digital bank search engine, ready to locate the nearest bank branch, up-to-date opening and closing times, current addresses and detailed directions. Efficient collaboration has resulted in creation of an online bank directory you can have at your fingertips at all times.

The Insider's Guide to Startup Success - Best Startup Tips 2014

Running a startup is all about the risk and excitement. We all hear many startup success stories that circulate around the web, but starting a startup can be quite a daunting and stressful experience.

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BizDb's financial section comprises economic data on every limited company registered in the UK. The assistance to understanding these professional terms is provided below in order to render the resource even more transparent and useful for you.