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Get the jump on your competition by utilizing the full scope of information about businesses in the UK.

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About us

BizDb is a brand new, one-stop business directory that takes company searching into the next level by providing accessible, accurate and updated information on UK companies. Its quick and efficient search tool, combined with a vast and detailed business database will provide valuable assistance in searching all kinds of information related to any existing company.

With just a few clicks, BizDb will provide its users with a complete information package about any company, including data that ranges from the company’s performance, its trademarks and contact information to a precise overview of its financial performance, the history of company name changes and much more.

Each business profile will additionally feature all the available website addresses, phone numbers, as well as company e-mails. BizDb will grant a glimpse into the company's structures by unraveling the names of its directors, the company's age and its most recent and highly detailed financial data. All of this up-to-date and absolutely for free.


The complete database of Trademarks owned by UK companies, easily accessible and available. If you're looking for trademark information, you will find it here.

Financial data

Both up to date and historical financial data, check not only the current status but also how the company developed over the years, see the trends.

Contact data

Get in touch with any of the companies analyzed on BizDb using our extensive phone number, faxes and email address database.

Company directors

Have you ever wondered who the people behind business successes and failures are? Get all the relevant information about company directors here.

Company web page

The official company web page is often a great source of information, unfortunately it's not always easy to find. We provide you with a list of official company websites.

SIC code

Company names are often confusing or not really informational, that's why we have a complete list of SIC codes so you can identify the fields the company works in.