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We often assume that everything can be found on the Internet. However, some searches require more effort than others. When it comes to postal codes, there are approximately 1.8 million live postcodes in the United Kingdom, covering 30 million addresses.

Interestingly, each month some 2,750 postcodes are created and 2,500 are terminated. The numbers are constantly changing due to new residential and business developments happening all around the UK. If you wonder how to keep track of all of the changes, is the solution you were looking for. 2018 saw the launch of the platform and now Internet users worldwide can take full advantage of all functionalities of this postcode finder. You do not need to provide any personal data or set up a private account to enjoy unlimited access to the site completely free of charge. is an innovative online repository of knowledge designed to facilitate online searches for addresses and matching postal codes. This virtual postcode finder is equipped with a supersonic search engine that can retrieve relevant results in a matter of seconds. The platform is created in accordance with state-of-the-art web design techniques and it utilizes modern results-driven solutions in order to maximize end user experience. The layout of the page itself is readable and user-friendly. All that makes the ultimate resource you will ever need to validate correctness of postal information.

The home page features centrally located search bar where you can input the address or postal code, depending on your preferences. If you choose the first option and type in the address, smart algorithms will produce a matching postcode. If you decide to type in postcode itself, you will be presented with a list of assigned addresses. Each hit is displayed on an interactive map located just below the search bar. If you don't feel like typing or you do not remember the exact wording for the address, go ahead and find the location on the map. Click on it and exact address, together with a matching postal code will pop up. If you need to change the location, simply drag the indicator to a different spot. Additionally, the platform has alphabetically organised list of major towns and cities from United Kingdom, so that you can conduct a manual search for postal codes. The data available through is regularly updated and it is obtained from official registries and government websites, thus guaranteeing maximum accuracy.

Nowadays postal codes have a lot of uses that are not necessarily connected with mail delivery organisation. They are often used by statisticians to calculate crime rate, or insurance agencies to match up the price of car or home insurance basing on location. Postal codes are also used for marketing purposes. Having that in mind, is aimed at researchers, analysts, business owners and individual customers to assist them with queries regarding postal information. It is available on all portable devices which means that everyone from a successful business owner to a busy housewife can have access to this handy tool wherever they are and whenever they need it.

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