Australian business data now within consumer reach at AuBiz

Consumers are used to having full access to publicly-available information. And even though business data is usually easy to find, in most cases it's stored in complex and unfriendly databases that make finding information really hard. Fortunately, this new business directory takes the database scene a step further towards high usability and excellent user experience.

AuBiz is a brand new online platform which collects key business data about Australian companies and presents it in the form of logical company profiles, brimming with relevant information users actually search for.

A new business database model

AuBiz is a functional and user-friendly directory which provides users with key data about all sorts of companies located and operating in Australia.

All information is collected from a number of reliable public sources, so users are guaranteed it's accurate and constantly updated. All it takes is a few clicks in the platform’s smart search engine, and users can browse though collections of company data based on a set criteria. Users can search information by company name, Australian Company Number (ACN), Australian Business Number (ABN) and a wide range of other search options such as the company's status, type, class and subclass.

Users can trace all key company data on logical and user-friendly company profiles full of practical business information. Each profile provides a detailed description of the company in question, clearly showing when it was registered, where it's located and a host of other data, for instance its ABN, ACN, status, type or class.

Moreover, company profiles feature in-depth information about the company’s trademarks – for every trademark, users can check its current status, registration date and detailed description.

Who benefits from data featured on AuBiz?

Anyone who needs information about the Australian market. Job seekers who want to assess a company before applying for a position will benefit from AuBiz. And so will businessmen looking for strategic business partners or simply checking their competition in the area before making serious financial decisions. Users conducting a market research can find all they need in this objective source of information too. It's worth to mention that all data featured on AuBiz is available to everyone entirely free of charge.

AuBiz is a smart ABN lookup tool, helping all types of users to access key business data to help them understand the Australian market and assess whether a company is indeed trustworthy.

AuBiz paves the way for other directories to become more user-friendly too. Its simple design shows deep care about website usability and user experience. Users have no time to browse through countless sub-pages and complex data sets today. They want answers to their questions about companies as quickly as possible. With AuBiz, users can access key data in a matter of seconds and understand it at a glance.

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