Basic information

Northing 673356
Easting 324476
Grid Reference NT244733
City/Town Edinburgh
Latitude 55.947288
Longitude -3.210874
Date Introduced 2002-11-01
The EH3 8EH postal code, registered on 2002-11-01, can be found at 55.947288 latitude and -3.210874 longitude. The OS grid ref for that postal code is NT244733 (324476,673356). There are 272 businesses situated in that postal code. The nearest restaurant is called Copper Bird Cafe and it can be found 0.095 mile from that postal code. You can use the nearest post office - West Maitland St, situated at 4A West Maitland Street, Lothian. If you need the nearest bank, try Bank Of Scotland at 20-22 Shandwick Place, only 0.201 mile away. When you want to eat a takeaway, go for Zest & Co, the nearest one within a distance of 0.023 mile. Zest & Co is situated at 22 Canning Street. If you seek the nearest bar, its name is Froth and Flame and it is situated at 192-194 Morrison Street. Froth and Flame bar is just 0.09 mile from that postal code.

Banks nearby

Bank of Scotland 20-22 Shandwick Place
Leeds Building Society 50 Lothian Road
Barclays Bank Barclays Wealth
Clydesdale Bank Festival Square
Santander 2-4

Restaurants nearby

Copper Bird Cafe 129 Morrison Street
L'Echoppe 129 Morrison Street
Honeycomb Tearoom 129 Morrison Street
Streetbar Unit 1 Exchange Crescent

Takeaways nearby

Zest & Co 22 Canning Street
Scooby's 95 Morrison Street
Kiwi Bakes 167 Morrison Street
Bite Me! 167 Morrison Street
No 1 Kebab 222 Morrison Street

Bars/Pubs/Nightclubs nearby

Froth and Flame 192-194 Morrison Street
The Priory Bar and Kitchen 192-194 Morrison Street
THOMSONS BAR 182-184 Morrison Street
Foxy Fiddler 192-194 Morrison Street
Makars Gourmet Mash Bar 91-93 Shandwick Place

The biggest companies: