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BizDb provides you with comprehensive information about current and past directors of UK companies. Use the filter on the right to find a detailed list of people holding the top positions in varied business areas. Search for professionals by indicating their name or name of a company, nationality, type of function and current status. It is also possible to browse the list by director's age or by choosing the time interval of the appointment for the post.

By defining at least one of the abovementioned criteria you can get an access to precise information about directors meeting your requirements. You director search results will show you for example data on selected persons' place of residence, specified occupation in a particular company, even their detailed addresses or the date of appointment and resignation (if applicable). After choosing a director you can easily move to full company data, including its financial statements and other filings, just by clicking the business' name.

BizDb makes every effort to present the most recent information about companies in the United Kingdom. To keep you well-informed, we present the date of the latest update on data for all directors on a given list.

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