Basic information

Northing 308699
Easting 622581
Grid Reference TG225086
City/Town Norwich
Latitude 52.630375
Longitude 1.287567
Date Introduced 1980-01-01
County Norfolk County
The NR2 1DZ zip code, registered on 1980-01-01, can be found at 52.630375 latitude and 1.287567 longitude, in Norfolk County county. The OS grid reference for that zip code is TG225086 (622581,308699). There are 131 companies reported in that zip code. The nearest restaurant is Unknown Coffee and it can be found 0.057 mile from that zip code. You can use the nearest post office - Dereham Road, situated at 58-62 Dereham Road. If you seek the nearest bank, try Leeds Building Society at 6-7 Guildhall Hill, only 0.309 mile away. When you seek a takeaway, go for Fireaway Norwich, the nearest one within a distance of 0.097 mile. Fireaway Norwich is situated at 46 St Benedicts Street. If you are looking for the nearest bar, its name is Micawbers and it is situated at Micawbers Tavern. Micawbers bar is just 0 mile from that zip code.

Banks nearby

Leeds Building Society 6-7 Guildhall Hill
Halifax 12 Gentlemans Walk
Lloyds Bank 16 Gentleman's Walk
Skipton Building Society 46 London Street
HSBC 18 London Street

Restaurants nearby

Unknown Coffee 60 - 62 St Benedicts Street
In House Cafe 52 St Benedicts Street
The Kitten's Got Cream 60 - 62 St Benedicts Street
House Cafe 52 St Benedicts Street
House Cafe 52 St Benedicts Street

Takeaways nearby

FireAway Norwich 46 St Benedicts Street
Chef Rons Kitchen 19 Lower Goat Lane
Grosvenor Fish Bar 28 Lower Goat Lane
Finnie's Juice Bar 19 Lower Goat Lane
Pottergate Pantry 11 Pottergate

Bars/Pubs/Nightclubs nearby

Micawbers Micawbers Tavern
Micawbers Tavern 92 Pottergate
Micawbers Tavern 92 Pottergate
The Corkscrew 60 - 62 St Benedicts Street
The Plough Inn 58 St Benedicts Street

The biggest companies: